I think I’m going to write a book called “‘Four Hours Is Definitely Enough Sleep’ And Other Lies I Tell Myself”


The idea that you are supposed to love abusive and oppressive people is literally one of the most toxic things. 

I went through most of my life believing that, and trying really hard to conform to that, and it made a fucking mess of me. 

I have spent the last five years trying to dig out from under that, and I have only recently got close to where I want to be. 

It is so liberating to be able to embrace the idea that it is okay to be angry at people who hurt you or who hurt others. 

Don’t listen to anyone who tells you that you aren’t allowed to hate hateful people. 

I blame those drawings on the ship pics you reblogged Delena :Y



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I’m not an artist and I jizzed myself.



“THEY WERE JUST TEENAGERS” idk man I was a crazy, stupid, reckless, and unstable teenager but not once did I ever get the urge to kidnap, drug, and rape someone


Some Tips for Coping with Anxiety


1. Check your nutrition. Sometimes high levels of anxiety are caused by a magnesium or potassium deficiency.

2. Pay attention to your caffeine levels. Coffee, tea and chocolate all contain reasonable levels of caffeine. This can make you jittery, or increase your feelings of anxiety.

3. Try meditation and mindfulness. These help to keep you focused on the here and now, to slow your heartbeat and breathing down, as well as helping to relax your mind.

4.  Work on maintain a healthy self-esteem. Many people who feel anxious, stressed or depressed are actually suffering from low self-esteem.

5. Find a trusted sounding board, and vent your feelings to them – but make sure it’s someone who understands and cares.

6. Exercise – This releases endorphins, those feel-good hormones, which help reduce our feelings of anxiety.

7. Distract yourself. Take your mind off your worries by doing other things that require concentration, and a focused state of mind.

8. Treat yourself. Give yourself a mood lifter by hanging out with friends, buying something that you love, or doing something that is fun.   

This was about ten years ago but I still think about it to this day. A close friend of mine tried to hide her pregnancy for a long time, as if it would just go away. I finally convinced her to see someone. She went to a place called CareNet, a place we had seen advertisements for in a local paper. It promised a free pregnancy test, sonograms, and reproductive option counseling. She was wooden by the time she went and was most likely completely separated from her pregnancy. So despite the propaganda videos, the pamphlets, and pressure from the center’s staff, she decided she wanted to have an abortion. They told her that there was a week-long waiting period that she had to go through to be sure she really wanted it. She went back a week later still set on having the procedure. The receptionist said, “I’m sorry, I seem to have lost record of your appointment. Come back in four days when the doctor will be here next.” When she went back in four days, they told her the doctor was sick. I told her it seemed sketchy and that she should go to a Planned Parenthood clinic. The nearest one was 45 miles away. Because of her work schedule, she was only able to go five days after that. When she arrived at the clinic they told her she was 17 weeks along. In our state you can only have an abortion up to 16 weeks unless it’s an emergency … She was forced to carry to term and give the baby up for adoption.

Susam Bedford, IN (http://cpcwatch.org/Testimonials.php) (via expose-cpcs)

This is what Crisis Pregnancy Centers do.  Their agenda is to prevent as many people as possible from having abortions by any means necessary.  They do not care about your health, wishes, or well-being.  All they care about is taking away your reproductive choices.  They are usually religiously affiliated, deeply misogynistic, and they will lie to you.  They do not want to help you.  They want to control you.

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I’m sorry but I just


I’m sorry but I just


how to escape racism, homophobia, and transphobia


how to escape “racism againt white people”, “heterophobia”, and “cisphobia”



"i’m not a feminist i just support equality" is 99% of the time code for "i support everyone shutting the fuck up about oppressive systems for the illusion of peace so i don’t have to feel guilty about my benefit from them and my reluctance to effect changes that begin with me"